What's in the Developer course?

Like all our courses, Developers is structured into 8 “blocks” of learning across 3 days. Each block has specific learning goals, and we realise these by applying them to a tune, usually a jazz standard. There’s a standard approach to each block which focuses on 5 key elements. 

If this looks like a fit for your development needs we’d love to talk to you about our first courses and how you can get involved.  Please use the Contact us button to get in touch


We cover off all of the fundamental skills across each of our tunes.  We’re not teaching the basics, but we hope to expand you’re understanding of how you’re using them, because time spent here can make a huge difference to the sound that you create and the impact you have in your playing 

  • Embouchure
  • Fingering
  • Breath and Tone
  • Articulation
  • Rhythm


  • Tune analysis and breakdown
  • Chord and scale theory – what to play and when
  • Options to bring variety and freshness to your playing
  •  Jazz language
  • What the tune can teach you and how to incorporate this into your practice
  • Transcription and how it can help you


These will differ depending on the individual tune that we’re using but we will cover specific techniques demonstrated by famous players that have recorded the tune as well as how to make the theory come to life in our playing

  • Translating theory into action in the tune
  • Understanding and deploying patterns
  • Phrasing and melodic development
  • Using Jazz language “in the moment” 


Here’s some examples of some of the songs we’ll use to develop and practice these skills and techniques. We” be updating this list on an ongoing basis, and please let us know if there are some songs you’d like to include!

  • Autumn leaves
  • Blue Bossa
  • Satin Doll
  • C-Jam Blues
  • Limbo Jazz
  • So What?
  • Fly me to the moon

We start and end each course with our development goals at the front of our mind. Each course starts with a review of our objectives for the course and what we hope to achieve. At the end of each course we review those goals and build a personal development plan for each player to take them forward with their new skills and capabilities.

If this looks like a fit for your needs we’d love to talk to you about our first courses and how you can get involved.  Please use the Contact Us button to get in touch