What's in the Voyager course?

As we described on the Home page, Sax Weekends is a new venture, opening our doors for our first course in 2022.  We’re starting off with our Developer courses which will begin in April.  

Whilst we have not got a scheduled date for our first Voyager course, we’ll be taking the same approach, using 8 structured  “blocks” of learning across 3 days, with each block having specific learning goals, realised by applying them to a particular tune. 

In our Voyager sessions we’ll be focused on topics such as

  • More advanced chord theory and harmonic ideas
  • Moving from scales to Jazz language
  • Building a more comprehensive Jazz Vocabulary
  • Deep dives on specific topics, for example II-V-I progressions, or modal playing
  • Different genres and how they affect our palying
  • More complex transcriptions
  • Taking lines and language through 12 keys

If you’re an intermediate player and are interested in how Sax Weekends can help take your playing to the next level,  we’d love to talk to you about our thinking on our first Voyager courses and how you can get involved.  Please use the Contact us button to get in touch. Our plan is to run our first Voyager course in the Autumn of 2022.